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SQL Server task to backup and zip a database

21 September 2010

SQL server doesn't support backup compression before version 2008 so here's a script to backup and zip a database.

Keeping on top of database backups is more than prudent, it's pretty much fundamental in most cases. I was recently writing a ...

SQLite General Error 14

24 December 2009

Recently I got a 'General Error 14' message when I tried to write to an SQLite database...

It took me a while to find the answer to this but fortunately it's incredibly simple. The folder that the database file is in needs to have write access ...

Problem Using a Coldfusion Struct Built From a Query

11 November 2009

The other day I ran into an unusual problem when using a fairly simple Coldfusion struct containing string values and keyed by strings - nothing out of the ordinary. I was using the keys and the values to update fields in the database ...